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Technology Enabling Successful Modular Building

VECTORMINIMA invents technology that enables successful modular building

We license access to this IP to those who benefit from its novel approach.

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We have developed a volumetric module building technology that solves the current challenges with modular building and opens a world of possibilities for new building and business applications.

METALOQ is the first invention of VECTORMINIMA. METALOQ is a patent pending, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system. The pre-engineered “frame kit” components are produced by a steel fabricator and shipped on pallets to modular builders. METALOQ frames are simple to assemble, without the need for specialized trades, achieving the precise tolerances required for stackable 4-10+ storey non-combustible buildings

Imagine ....

· A frame that goes together with simple tools, precisely in 2 hours.

· A frame that weights 12-14 lb/sq ft 'and I am not kidding'

· A frame that is so rigid hoisting from the centre causes NO deflection.

VALUE for:

+ METALOQ offers MODULAR BUILDERS a turnkey business solution that supports expansion with minimal investment.

+ METALOQ offers Developers, both PUBLIC and PRIVATE, an alternative delivery method built upon accountability and collaboration. Build correctly, predictably, faster.

+ METALOQ offers STEEL FABRICATORS an opportunity to diversify from 'feast or famine' commodity work to proprietary manufacturing and predictable deal flow.

+ METALOQ offers ARCHITECTS a balance between creativity and efficiency.

+ and for SOCIETY AS A WHOLE: a key step to solving the housing crisis; multi residential affordable housing, social housing, senior housing, student housing. And a sustainable building step forward vs conventional construction.

Why believe in VECTORMINIMA?

Backed by solid, well-researched building technology and experienced manufacturing partners to support you in navigating the volumetric modular engineering, sales and construction process.

· VECTORMINIMA brings together a unique combination of two leaders in the building industry. Julian Bowron with 30 years in modular, design for manufacturing, material knowledge and proven inventions. Blair Davies with 30 years growing engineering-based businesses, with a background in strategy, marketing, business and engineering.

· VECTORMINIMA invents to meet the current needs and lead with new solutions by inventing the best IP based on credible experience, with the right partners.

· Reliable capacity with steel manufacturing provided by Walters Group, a leading steel fabricator with a reputation for producing high-quality steel with the precision needed to support modular building.

To discuss Licensing VECTORMINIMA IP, call for more information at (647)923-8967 or blair@vectorminima.com. Move quickly before licenses are all assigned.

Q1 2020 release of products includes the METALOQ Kit Frame with its many cost-saving features, including light weight, an outer wall moment frame, a versatile flush module connector and the revolutionary joist clamp.

Q4 2020 will see release of the multiple load path, tall stacking version and module frames designed for cast concrete floors, together with other practical enhancements

2021 releases and beyond to include core following and core-leading systems, panelized, self-sealing facades, and systems to support semi-autonomous building assembly.

VECTORMINIMA is looking for select partners interested in joining the growing team of manufacturers and builders who are deploying the METALOQ system and gaining access to the other innovative products in our development pipeline.

If you are interested in becoming a VECTORMINIMA manufacturing or construction partner, contact julian@vectorminima.com 416 575 1630

Download a detailed METALOQ Presentation / Click on the links below


An Industry-Leading Hybrid Structural Frame System for Pre-Engineered Volumetric Modular Construction to 10+ Stories

The revolutionary METALOQ Kit Frame is easy to fabricate and assembles in a few hours with nothing more than a small crew, a flat floor and hand tools!

Ideal for enterprises of any scale, from startups and pop-ups to large established modular builders.

Three VECTORMINIMA innovations enable the efficiency of the METALOQ frame:

1) A high-fixity joist clamp joins economical Light Steel Floor Framing with heavier Cold Formed Steel Outline Members creating a hybrid structure that meets the requirements for tall stacking and damage-free module handling.

The clamped connection provides both moment and tension capacity without welding to the LSF, protecting the galvanized coating.

2) A versatile horizontal module interconnector is set flush into the top face of the module array, bringing rim beams in to edge-to-edge contact. This feature provides the option of load-bearing walls or point loaded structures (if used in combination with spacers), delivering unparalleled architectural and engineering freedom

3) The vertical module locator / connector is normally deployed in down-facing mode, providing a completely flat top to assembled module layers while simplifying temporary and permanent roofing.

Versatile, efficient frames built with Light Steel Framing and Cold-Formed Steel

Stackable to 10+ stories in a wide range of configurations

Combination load bearing / moment frame provides multiple facade options

Industry-standard stacking procedure

High strength vertical locating features guarantee precise module positioning while leaving the top face of installed modules clear of obstructions

Vertical locating features work together with bolting to deliver tension capacity for multi-story applications

Flush-topped horizontal connector transfers lateral forces between module frames

Horizontal connector spaces modules accurately and provides diaphragm action

Frames ship as easy-to-assemble kits that can be assembled in hours with no welding and nothing more than a flat floor and hand tools

Bolted connection and precision components throughout means fast assembly with no fixtures required

Patent Pending

Edge-to-edge contact over the full length of rim beams provides exceptional force transfer for vertical load-bearing and seismic applications


Author: Julian Bowron, CTO, VECTORMINIMA

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 21, 2020

Modular building industry leaders have been telling us they need the competitive advantages of leading-edge structural design and simplified fabrication, but the CAPEX has to be proportionate to the benefits.

VECTORMINIMA has answered this challenge with a highly-optimized volumetric structural solution that minimizes material, labour and setup spend, both in the fabrication plant and on the jobsite. Better yet, our business model puts this industry-leading innovation on your shop floor at a fraction of the cost of assembling and managing in-house resources.

At the heart of the new company is the METALOQ Cold Formed Steel (CFS) module framing system.

METALOQ leverages the many advantages of Light Steel Framing by combining this established structural technology with Cold Formed Steel sections. This Hybrid frame meets the needs of the volumetric modular industry while streamlining the entire modular supply chain, from raw materials to hoisting and MEP connections on site.

Every member of a METALOQ “Kit Frame” has been carefully selected for its structural role and expertly detailed for ease of production and assembly. As a result of extensive structural optimization, the frame for a typical 350 sq ft hotel room weighs as little as 4,200 lbs, while achieving the high levels of stiffness required for damage-free handling.

The most disruptive feature of the new system is not its efficiency, but the fact that METALOQ “Kit Frames” arrive in your plant as a skid of precision-fabricated linear components that can be assembled in a couple of hours. All you need to make frames in house is a crew of 4 semi-skilled workers, impact drivers and a flat floor.

This unparalleled accessibility means that any modular construction enterprise, including those that are wood-based, can enter the non-combustible, multi-story market with no expenses for metal fabricating, jigs, fixtures, robots, inventory, R&D, engineering, welding certification, etc.

Imagine start-ups or pop-ups that go into production in weeks, even on or near a project site, with little more than a roof overhead and ordinary builders’ tools. You can even assemble and stack bare METALOQ frames, creating a structure in days that you finish conventionally on site!

Production of the METALOQ system components at the steel fabricator’s plant is also streamlined, dramatically reducing the CAPEX required for frame production and ensuring a dependable and profitable supply chain.

If you are a developer, builder or metal processor interested in the modular industry, VECTORMINIMA would love to hear from you!

Warm regards,

Julian Bowron


416 575 1630


NB: VECTORMINIMA is accepting resumes for qualified, experienced modular designers, detailers and production managers currently living in the GTHA

The METALOQ joist clamp is an example of the simple but effective proprietary technology developed by VECTORMINIMA that is provided to frame fabricators and modular builders under license

Robust proprietary joist connection delivers the fixity needed for volumetric applications

The addition of a simple detail to a standard LSF joist eliminates movement at the critical joist / rim joist connection

Joist clamping avoids damage to galvanizing and provides moment action and tension capacity to the rim joist connection without welding to the joists. The fixed clamp is welded to the rim joist in a repetetive operation ideally suited to robotic process

A proprietary dimple feature enages the full web of every joist and accurately spaces the outer faces of the module frame

Patent Pending

METALOQ frames are built with a family of components designed for high-volume production from steel coil using industry standard equipment with no need for the development of new technologies

Roll-formed joists provide ease of MEP circulation

No detail has been overlooked in the detailing of the METALOQ system

Patent Pending

The METALOQ Kit Frame has many desirable features, with bolt-on additions coming soon

For Architects and Modular Builders:

  • Capable of 10+ floors of non-combustible construction over a podium

  • Load bearing walls or point loaded columns, providing industry-leading strength that will extend feasible height even further, combined with architectural and structural flexibility and seismic capacity

  • Cementitious board floors and wall board easily fastened to LSF joists and studs

  • Top-picked modules with precision alignment features for ease in shipping, hoisting and placement

  • Flush-topped horizontal module connectors deliver diaphragm action while eliminating tripping hazards and simplifying construction rain-proofing

  • Bi-directional shear capacity

  • Modules vertically inter-connected from inside the module, supporting factory-installed facades

  • Outward facing “C” sections throughout the structure facilitates insulation and minimizes thermal and acoustic bridging

  • LSF members are fastened without welding or screws, eliminating damage to galvanizing and coatings.

For Steel Fabricators:

  • No new or innovative technology required!

  • All joists are made from galvanized material and all other components are open, facilitating coating and / or galvanizing

  • No expensive long product is used. Manufacturing source material is 95% coil and 5% plate, delivering ultra-low scrap rates.

  • Welding automation is facilitated with linear components requiring small work envelopes

Roadmap technologies under development include the following:

  • Cast concrete floors

  • Semi-autonomous building assembly with remote-controlled module orientation and locking technology. This globe-leading innovation eliminates the cost of large rigging and erection crews and greatly reduces the safety issues related to working at heights

  • High-rise capability with lateral capacity delivered by integral core-leading and core-following systems

  • Self-sealing panelized façades

  • Autonomous MEP connections

In its lightest version with no column or beam thicker than 1/4" (6mm), a slender, 10 story METALOQ frame easily handles Florida wind speeds.

Standard frame version is designed for a cementitious board floor. Soon to be available with concrete floors.

Florida wind, 10 stories

Structural analysis in SAP 2000

Florida wind, 10 stories

Structural analysis in SAP 2000

Coming soon!

METALOQ UltraFrame:

Multiple continuous vertical loadpaths for tall stacking around a brace core

The METALOQ UltraFrame features multiple load-bearing vertical members that leverage the flush-top module-to-module connection to transfers loads through the entire length of partition walls, supporting tall stacking applications (in combination with brace cores). Coupled with the transverse capacity of the METALOQ joist clamp, the result is a thoroughly-braced and robust wall assembly.

Patent Pending